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I have stayed in AirBnb's all over the world. One thing about them is they are very unique and give insight into how one might live in that city. They are very different than hotels there isn't a concierge and you have to find them all on your own. I have had host that were quick to respond and very helpful when it came to finding the place. Especially my host overseas were all wanted to know I made it to the spot safely with no issues. A few times I wasn't able to find the spot. Seoul, and Tokyo both times. One time in Tokyo I had to get a taxi driver to help me find the spot the other two times the host and I figured a way to help me get to the spot. In Seoul the subway has numbered exits you have to exit at the right exit or your just totally lost meaning you can't just arrive at gangnam station walk out a exit and it be the right exit some of these things are not immediately obvious or even all the buildings look similar and its hard to discern which one is the one you need to be at staying in an AirBnb is an experience one won't forget I hope if you choose to stay with an AirBnb you have a good experience as I did. To help you understand the process a little bit it starts with the app and a map. They will on the app have a map with the general area that the airbnb will be but you should use google maps or another map to overlay this with where you need or want to stay. once you have found a spot near where you want to stay you need to sort out how you are going to get there from the airport this could be taxi, subway, rental car, bus, light rail, uber. Once you have booked a spot on airbnb you should receive a welcome packet with instructions on how to get the key and where the spot is located. you will use the instructions in the welcome packet and google to help you find the airbnb. you can use google maps for directions and google itself for directions on what city transportation is available if you need to use it. Good luck and have a good time with AirBnb