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Weekend in Atlanta! Fright Fest, Ice cream and more!

 The original reason for coming to Atlanta was to go to Fright Fest at Six Flags Atlanta.

fright fest

Which by the way was a lot of fun! The park at Halloween is a real treat.

The lines are very long which should be expected during this time of year but they do the best they can to get everyone into the park quickly!


I did find lots of other cool things Atlanta had to offer. Atlanta is a city that I chose to get a rental car for and I am happy I did. A lot of times I will ride the city transportation but this trip I felt a rental car would be needed and it really was. Parking in Atlanta isn't too bad I was able to find a spot without much difficulty. This to me is important as wasting time finding parking can be frustrating. 

One thing found that eases frustration is Ice Cream and as promised here is some great ice cream.

jenis ice creamJenis Ice Cream 02

Jenis Ice Cream --> google map.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

99 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

 I did find some great cafes in the Atlanta area and the zoo was beautiful. I also found some really good Japanese food, boba and more.

Atlanta has the best BBQ I have ever had. If you enjoy BBQ ATL is the place to get it.

Just come to ATL for the BBQ alone you won't be disappointed. 


The zoo happens to be tucked back in a neighborhood and the entrance we came in we had to walk a trail to get to the zoo


They have a subway in Atlanta but it didn't seem to go many of the places I wanted to go on this trip. I didn't have the opportunity to ride the subway as I had a rental car and it really just wasn't going where I needed to be.


Atlanta is a very beautiful city. It is fun to drive or walk around the people I encountered were very friendly. I would recommend coming to Atlanta


IMG 8071



Atlanta is a really safe city to walk around and hopefully from the pictures you too see how beautiful it is. I had a lot of fun walking around for the weekend.

I ate some good food, rode some roller coasters and had a lot of fun.