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Tokyo ( 東京 ) In July !

 The first time I was in Tokyo was August 2016. I did my best to see the major attractions; such as Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Harajuku, Spoon Sports, FR2 Clothing (I got a FR2 Smoking Kills Shirt), Ginza, Shinjuku, and the Ueno Zoo. I saw a lot of interesting places, and really enjoyed watching locals go about their day. Shopping is deffintly a thing to do.


This trip will be different as I have seen most of the attractions that peaked my interest. This trip I’m going to spend more time in the areas that I enjoyed most and try to explore some new things that I haven't yet seen.

Last August I stayed in Shinjuku.


Above: The View I enjoyed while in Shinjuku ( 新宿 )

I could walk to Shibuya from there and other surrounding places. I also ride the subway all over. I feel very comfortable and manage to not get lost. Last time after I left AgeHa I took the bus back to Shibuya, then I had to walk to Shinjuku and after being at the club all night I was so tired, it was very challenging. To make it easier, this time I will be staying In Shibuya which is actually within walking distance to both Shibuya Crossing and the bus stop where the AgeHa bus both picks you up and drops you off. I did my best to plan everything around the areas/places I would spend most time at.


Upon arriving in Japan you will probably take the Skyliner into Tokkyo and you will get to see how beautiful Narita 成田 and other spots are.

When I finally arrived in Shibuya 渋谷 you can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment. After traveling so far you are finally here take it in and enjoy your success.

A short video of leaving the Subway station and entering into Shibuya 




The first thing I did was locate the AirBnb I will call home for the time I'm in Shibuya. Than right back out to walk around. 


Walk out the starbucks @shibuya crossing and turn right you will see where I took this picture!


Here is a different angle I am walking toward Shibuya Crossing from my AirBnb to get this one!



Something that I do that might be of help to you. I take pictures of where I am staying so I can look at the picture and be reminded. Here is a picture of the street my AirBnb was on, I took this picture as a point of reference.


above is the Shibuya station Sign notice how in addition to Japanese it is in, English, Chinese, and Korean. From what I have observed In Japan the main languages spoken are Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. 


Buying food in Japan.


You will notice that a lot of Ramen らーめん shops have this ticket vendor you will need to make your selection buy a ticket and give the ticket to the people inside to get your food!. There are other options if you are not feeling this adventurous.