Let's talk a little bit about the particles of speech wa and ga.


I came across this wonderful article that inspired me to in my own way explain wa and ga.

particles wa and ga

In short wa mark the topic and ga mark the subject. This is important for sentences like:

I love my Subaru.

In this sentence I am the topic but Subaru is the subject. So to put this in Japanese we would need to use both wa and ga. wa would mark me as the topic as it's my Subaru and ga would mark Subaru as the subject my object I being topic Subaru being subject!

Great now lets go over how to put this together and say I love my Subaru!


watashi wa watashi no Subaru ga daisuki

watashi wa marks me as the topic

watashi no Subaru ga --> the no particle of speech is denoting possession so watashi no subaru --> my subaru 

At this point, we now know that "I" am the topic and we are talking about my Subaru but is the Subaru even the subject well, in this case, it is hence the use of ga

Now we know the topic the subject but what is the whole picture? what is it I'm trying to tell you? I'm trying to tell you I love my Subaru so lets put it all together.


watashi wa watashi no Subaru ga daisuki

I love my Subaru!