Today lets go over a basic conversation you may have about movies!


You have made a Japanese friend / 友達 tomodachi and you would like to chat about movies / 映画 / eiga. How would you ask your 友達 if they have seen a particular movie?

Like So:

(eiga no na) mita?

「映画 の」見た? 

「movie name」見た?

「movie name 」mita?

「 Nerve」見た?

「 ナーブ」見た?

「 」--> Japanese parentheses

They will probably not reply with a textbook response but here are some possible responses you may hear.

見たよ!--> mita yo! "essentially yes".

見ましたよ --> mimashita yo "I have seen it!"

うん --> un essentially yes.

じゃない見たよ --> janai mita yo --> "I have not seen it" :(


This is as basic as it gets. Next time we will expand on this topic and go further into discussing movies!

Thank you for reading until next time.


Ja matane ganbatte kudasai ne

See you later, please do your best.