Japan in Japanese is  日本 (Nihon)


While it is typically written in Kanji it is and can be written in hiragana as well, here is how that would look  にほん.


日 means the sun and 本(もと) means source. Ancient Japanese called Japan 日本 (ひのもと) (the source of the sun / the place in which the sun rises)

When Prince Shotoku wrote an official letter to  Bei Zhou Chinese Emperor. He is said to have written "from the country where the sun rises to the country where the sun sets" Perhaps this is the origin of the name 日本 (ひのもと). However today we use the on reading  and 日本 becomes (にほん) when you use the on  reading of the Kanji.


Jisho is a online Japanese Dictionary great for looking up Kanji


Kanji - 日



Kanji - 本


 Hiragana- Chart