July 2017 was my second trip to Japan I stayed there for 4 nights 5 days. I heard Japanese spoke morning day and night. 

In the mornings when I would go into Starbucks at Shibuya Crossing to order my morning banilla "ra-te" "ratte" the conversation would go about like this 

おはよ ございます                   バニララテ                               ください                ありがとうございました

ohayo gozaimasu                     banira rate                                kudasai                 arigatou gozaimashita

Good Morning                          vanilla latte                                please                   thank you past tense 

the complete phrase would be
Ohayo gozaimasu banira ratte o hitotsu  kudasai but what you will actually use is
Ohayo gozaimasu banira ratte kudasai
after you pay you will say

arigato gozaimasu

after you pick up your drink you can use the above or if you feel adventurous you can use. 
arigatou gozaimashita

Essentially the way you order a coffee in Japan will be like this.

おはよ ございます (Good Morning)

Item o kudasai ... (pause) pay than arigatou gozaimasu 

wait for your drink ..... drink is made take it and say arigatou gozaimasu.

above I used a hot vanilla latte as an example lets just use a water.

mizu o kudasi .... wait for the water... you have the water in hand... arigatou gozaimasu!

すみません - Sumimasen. Is an extremely versatile word it can be used many ways and take on a range of meanings Sumimasen can mean Thank You, Excuse Me, Please, It can also be an used to acknowledge you heard and understood what someone said to you.

Upon the context of the situation you couold use sumimasen in various ways.. Lets say you are lost and you want to ask information for directions (there are info boths everywhere). So you can't walk up and say "Hello or Hey or I'm American and I have no Idea what I'm doing" So walk up and Say "Sumimasen". Maybe a slight bow or pass on that, but this is the proper way to get someones attention in Japan.

You are on the Subway and it's packed. Your stop is up what do you do...? "Sumimasen... Sumimasen" and make your way off the subway.

Your buying something you want to get the attention of the retailer. "Sumimasen, you now have their attention and you want to get a item, Kore (point) "o" will be the particle and than 1 is hitotsu 2 is futatsu 3 is mitsu, 4 is yotsu, 5 is itsutsu finish with kudasai (please) if you can't get your point accross throw a sumimasen and try to explain more clearly, maybe also try use your hand for how many! Once everyone is on the samepage at the end you would use a arigatou gozaimashita! 

the complete phrase would be.

kore o hitotsu kudasai "this one please" 

or kore o kudasai "this please"

or even just kore and point it will work.

Here is a short break down

This – kore (これ). Refers to things that are close to the speaker.

That – sore (それ). Refers to things that are close to the person you are talking to.

That over there – are (あれ). Refers to things that are far away from both you and the speaker.

kore/sore/are article-one

kore/sore/are article-two

how to ask for water

お水下さい (omizu kudasai) semi polite "water please"

水下さい (mizu kudasai) semi informal "water please"

水 (mizu) informal "water"


Saying Thank You In Japanese

I also started to learn the grade one Kanji

Grade One Kanji


and for convience here is a short video on how to order in Japanese.