how I'm learning Kanji. The way i'm going about this is not the normal way nor have I really read about anyone doing it the way I have been aproaching it.

To be completely honest and why not no one reads my site. I bought a Bleach manga off of ebay it was located in Kyoto which was pretty cool. While waiting for this to arrive I got onto Google and started searching so many various things.

In an earlier post I discuss learning Hirigana and Katakana. I haven't yet spent much time on Katakana but I have been spending time on Hiragana and Kanji

I listen to podcast from Japanesepod101 and I also listen to a few podcast I have found on iTunes in addition to that I search google for things like "how to make request in Japanese" or "asking what are you doing in Japanese" "asking May I have in Japanes" a lot of these results will be wrote in Hirigana so when I started learning Hirigana I read a lot about mennemonics and that helpped a bit but what helpped the most was to read it.

with that being said my manga arrived and I started to try to tranaslate it one of the most difficult aspects is not being able to copy and pasat the Kanji into google but I am learning a lot. I a have alost started to copy the Kanji from searching for what the manga say and learn new Kanji. the first Kanji that really stuck with me is the down Kanji I wrote a post on this.

The other thing I am doing is trying to learn Kanji in groups youtube and index cards!

I'm going to start a list of the Kanji learned i'm going to try to do it in the order I learn them now I am talking Kanji I see and when I see them I know the kun mening and how it is being used. I know 1-10 earth fire blah blah but I haven't come across those as frequently as.... So i'm making a list I have started reading that manga and various online forums and websites and lets start the list. 



なに、 なん、 なに-、 なん-

何か 【なにか】something

This is one the kanji I see the most

I / Me / Private

 わたくし、 わたし

 Here is a interesting one 私案 Private Plane

I do see 私 often so this one is a good one to remember!

Down Below Inferior

Kun: した、 しも、 もと、 さ.げる、 さ.がる、くだ.る、 くだ.り、 くだ.す、 -くだ.す、 くだ.さる、 お.ろす、 お.りる

On: カ、 ゲ

下さい - Please

consider think over

かんが.える、 かんが.え

考える 【かんがえる】 to think about



An Example of combining Kanji and Hirigana


kore o hitotsu kudasai This Please


Object + 一つください 

would result in may I have .... please

バニラ ラテ一つください

one vanilla latte please or may I have a vanilla latte! 


バニラ ラテ

Banira rate




Ordering Dishes

learn japanese pod

Youtube video on Kanji