This is not the first Kanji I learned the first was probably One 一 that one is way easy to remember but Kanji encompass a idea. Using a symbol as a Idea makes it much more versatile than a word alone and can even change the way you understand what is being said.

The 下 Kanji 


Please pay attention to the Kun meanings. These meanings and the Kanji can form many words. One of which is 

下さい "Please" I'm sure you have also seen it wrote with just hirigana ください

When I stumbled upon this it really clicked for me how Kanji are used. You need to know much more than this is the down Kanji you need to also know the various kun meanings so that you can increase your vocabulary and understanding of the Japanese language. 

This got me all excited it was like a break through in my journey to learn Japanese.

I hope this helps some of you as well.