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Statue of Liberty Odaiba


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The Odaiba Statue of Liberty is made to seem much larger than it is in photos due to its proximity to a walkway, and with a suspension bridge in the background, it’s easy for the average person to assume they’re looking at a picture of New York. However this uncanny replica in Odaiba stands at only roughly 40 feet tall, about 1/7th the size of its New York counterpart. Originally erected temporarily from 1998-1999 to pay tribute to Japan’s ties with France, the statue was returned for good in 2000 due to its popularity. 

The statue overlooks the Rainbow Bridge, the unofficial name given by local residents, and Tokyo Bay. With glowing lights, sometimes in rainbow colors for special holidays and events, it creates quite the striking scene behind the Statue of Liberty, and is one of the prettiest views in Tokyo day or night.

As if one Statue of Liberty replica was not enough, Japan has at least a couple more scattered about the country, although none are as grand as the New York original.

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