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My mom and I finally got around to getting a gallery put together. These are the first prints ever by nocturnics. What about my gallery that I would like to express is what I find beautiful as I travel the world. I want to try and express how drawn to a place one can feel just from the picture you feel the atmosphere transcend If it is a place you have been you look at this pictures and you remember and if you have never gone I want to inspire you to go. I want you to see and feel what I felt. Traveling to these places was the most terrifying and exciting things I have ever done in my life seeing and being there opened my view of the world and I want to bring all of that to you. I traveled most of these places alone not really knowing anything about where I was going I just got to a point where I was tired of wanting to see these places and I had to stop making excuses and go. To be completely honest my first trip to Tokyo I bought the ticket 48 hrs in advanced. I was all packed up and my girlfriend and mom took me to the airport and I was crying I was so scared and the pushed me to go. I am really happy I got on that plane and I am happy to have finally got things together and be able to present this gallery.

I have personally taken all pictures. I took all pictures with my iPhone. Images are unfiltered and unedited these are the original images from my phone.

Here are the first two pictures. 



Alley near Shibuya crossing by nocturnics - 140

Shibuya Crossing by nocturnics - 140


Please contact me through facebook or instagram thank you. 


Here is a preview of the final images for the current gallery. Thank you for looking.

The first showing will be in March at Songbird cafe in Phoenix.