Watercolor tattoo by Aleksey Platunov 2017

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Aleksey Platunov an amazing tattoo artist and friend from Russia. Having the opportunity to get a tattoo from Aleksey while he was in Bethesda, Maryland 2017 was a real honor. Having seen his work on instagram, facebook and reading about Aleksey I was very excited. 

 To get a tattoo from Aleksey you have to agree to allow him to freehand. You should also understand why this is important to him. Aleksey wants to give you something that is alive has emotion and tells a story. As you can see I allowed him to freehand the design on my arm. no paper was used.

Here is a direct quote from Aleskey:

"My work is a creative expression through the process of tattooing. My clients are live canvases with emotions and thoughts. The designs I create on them is my perception of the world."


After he did the sketch on my arm and saw how happy I was with it, he began to tattoo. The total process took several hours and I wasn't allowed to watch him tattoo. This is so that when the work is finished he can show it to you for the first time. As you didn't see it created your reaction to the work will be pure and genuine. This initial reaction means a lot to him. bellow is a short video of me getting this Delicious Girl! 



How did we decide on a design? We didn't! Aleksey looked at my social media spoke with me online a bit and then we chatted in person for a bit and he choose a tattoo for me that he feels helps me tell my story. getting this kind of tattoo is so much more than just getting a picture on you this is expression life philosophy this is who we are and someone who has much life experience and is very creative is helping us tell our stories.

One of the first places I went after getting this beautiful work of art done was Tokyo.

IMG 3773


Here are a few other tattoo's he has done that I enjoy!

 Thank you so much Aleksey I love my Delicious Girl!

Aleksey Platunov awards received.