Here are some pictures video and information on my 2006 wrx sti





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I have had this car for awhile now. When I first got it the very first week my mom and I had the turbo upgraded. The previous owner did all the ground work. He upgraded the fuel pump, injectors, fuel lines and rails, access port v3 dyno tuned, he did a decent amount of work to the car foundation wise so we went with a Garrett Gt3071r turbo replaced timming belt water pump spark plugs had it re dyno tuned. Car stayed like this for about 2yrs When we went with a Purple FMIC from ETS   with Titanium anodized Charge pipes. It took me 2yrs to do away with the TMIC because a lot on the internet discuss how the additional length from the charge pipes increeses lag time and takes away from what a "Subaru" is built to be. I read this from more than one person talking about how they... Had to finally go to a fmic. All this negativity towards the fmic. It made it so hard for me to want to get it. Well I did and I have to say all that negativity is bs. Switching to a FMIC was the best decision next to the Garrett GT3071R. The car drives so smooth pulls much cleaner stays in boost when you shift it was a very solid decision to go FMIC plus its purple and thats awesome cause I love purple.


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 2006 WRX STI Current Specs

419/428 pretty happy with that result. I will update the dyno sheet soon.

Off the top of my head here is what has been done.

IAG Stage 2.5 EJ25 Closed Deck Short Block

Cobb Tuning Access port V3

upgraded Fuel Rails

FU AVCS Cam Pulley Bolt

FU Non AVCS Cam Pulley Bolt

Orbit Oil Pump

Killer B Oil Baffle 

Killer B Oil Pick Up

IAG Performance Air Oil seperator

TGV Deletes

1700CC Injectors Flex Fuel 

IAG V2 TopFeed Fuel Rails

IAG Fuel Dampers

IAG Braided Fuel Lines

Cobb tunning Flex Fuel Package

ARP head studs

Je Pro Seal Headgasket

Brian Crower Stainless Steel Exhaust and Intake Valves

Brian Crower Valve spring and retiners

Brian Crower Stage 2 Cams

Cobb tuning 4 Bar Map Sensor

ETS Cold Air Intake

Killer B High Flow Water Pump Housing

6 Puck Clutch

garrett gt3071r turbo blown rip :(

Blouch Dominator 2.5XT-R current turbo!


Perrin Mounts trans and engine

larger radiator

high output cooling fans

ksport pro suspension

upgraded fuel pump

upgraded up/down/exhaust