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Shibuya Crossing a must see in Tokyo

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Shibuya was historically the site of a castle in which the Shibuya family resided from the 11th century through the Edo period. Following the opening of the Yamanote Line in 1885, Shibuya began to emerge as a railway terminal for southwestern Tokyo and eventually as a major commercial and entertainment center.

Shibuya wiki

Shibuya crossing:


It is possibly the most busy intersection in the world. 

The most easy way to find Shibuya crossing is to map Shibuya Station with google and take the Subway. Once at Shibuya Station if you still can not find Shibuya Crossing please map Starbucks Shibuya Crossing I have added the link below.

There are a few places to get a great view

Starbucks Shibuya Crossing

Jr Line terminal overpass

Hikarie Building 9th Floor

The most busy times to see it will be mid afternoon around 4pm-6pm. The view from the Hikarie building is really something you shouldn't pass on and its fairly private not a lot of people are taking the time to see this amazing view located on the 9th floor of the Hikarie Building and it is free.

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Shibuya Crossing is one of the main pieces of Shibuya from locals to tourist so many cross through here, hang out, shop, eat there is so much life surrounding this intersection.


Early in the morning those whom were out late partying are heading in while the business people are waking making there way on the subway to this an that place many will come through Shibuya Crossing on their way to and from their final destinations. Thourgh out the day the traffic will transfrom from business people to tourist to locals it really should be considered a modern wonder of the world there is so much beauty to be taken in here.