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I have been following #fr2 since last year when I went to Tokyo. While I was walking around Harajuku I saw a girl with a #fr2 Smoking Kills Shirt and got on google to try find where In Tokyo if anywhere I could get that shirt. I quickly found that there was a possibility of getting the shirt from the Vanquish section of the Shibuya 109 Building in the Famous Shibuya Crossing area.On this trip to Tokyo July 2017 I wanted to go back to that location see how it has changed and practice my Japanese I feel I did well I managed to get a shirt and 2 pins. I forgot what floor Vanquish Clothing was on and had the opportunity to ask what floor I did my best to use only Japanese which isn't as impressive as it sounds wasn't much past kore wa? 


The very next day I went out to Harajuku a short trip on the subway from Shibuya and from the Harajuku metro station was a very short walk. I picked up that Smoking Chills shirt I have been wanting for awhile I got it at the new boutique that I have been seeing so much of on IG. is nicer in person that may have something to do with a sense of accomplishment of reaching a destination so far away or could just be I love the brand! I picked up a second smoking chills shirt gotta have backup and took the opportunity too take pictures of this very aesthetic boutique. The brands logo of 2 rabbits fxxking brings out our inner child makes us smile a little bit and the mooded rabbit fxxking a weed leaf on the limited Smoking Chills Shirt is a must-have for any one that also loves the brand. 

They offer worldwide shipping if you can't make it to one of their amazing boutiques check out the online store.

We are fxxking rabbits

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The level of detail bringing the logo to the receipt is a very nice addition.


One of the first places I wore the shirt was Shibuya Crossing!



Shibuya 109 Vanquish - FR2 

#FR2 Harajuku