First Trip To Tokyo So Exciting!

I feel a bit like that boy in 2 fast 2 furious we both suddenly ended up in Tokyo and both of us went alone. I don't speak Japanese I didn't plan this trip at all really I just kinda woke up and decided I'm going to Tokyo I told my mom this and she said okay what can I do I asked her to take me to dinner and Target I left the next morning.

 As I write this I'm sitting on the flight


its one of the nicest flight I have ever been on and i'm flying economy. So here is how i made this happen and here is how I am making this happen. Step one try not to think just do wu wei live in the present just flow dont think about this and or that just  go with things. On the 8th I searched phx to nrt san to nrt and lax to nrt well to my surprise lax to nrt was the absolute most cheap way to reach my goal of going to Japan I got my round trip ticket for 808 and I than booked a flight from phx to lax for 40 so for 848 i'm off to NRT I have yet to book a return flight from lax or san to phx but i'll sort that out later on. Upon arriving at lax American air terminal 4 I had to walk to the Tom Bradley International Terminal and that wasn't to much of a challenge the signs were not very difficult to follow and I made it there with ease it was about a 1.5 mile walk I did get there with enough time to use the restroom and stretch my legs out a bit. check in wasn't until 10am and I was there a bit early I checked in with just my passport showed the person at the JAL Counter my passport and they printed up my boarding pass was very nice of them! TSA was a breeze and I quickly made my way to the gate grabbed a starbucks and some foreign currency.


after obtaining foreign currency I then charge my phone up. I could tell i was in the right terminal I was seeing a lot of Japanese people it was very cool the  air plane the flight attendents are exactly as one would expect very cute tall slim Japanese girls so cute and the plane has three rows in addition the service is unlike anything I have experienced they brought out some pretty good food than ice cream than hot green tea than hot coffee I was like dang this is better than some restaurants and I was very much impressed with all of this. So far everyone is so nice and at this point I'm at ease, i'm not terribly nervous about landing and making my way through Tokyo if things continue like this it should be a very nice trip I will be in Tokyo from the 10th of August until the 16th of August. Deffinetly consider using Japan Airlines

While waiting 3hrs at lax I did as much research as I possibly could I found that Shinjuku is known as that city that literally never sleeps I also found that at this club AageHA. Dj Soda will be playing and she happens to be one of the DJ's that I enjoy a lot and i haven't seen a USA date for her and I'm like dang this is sorta perfect timing right!


she will be playing club ageHA on Friday so that gives me to get settled in.

I also looked up how to get to Shinjuku from NRT and took many screen shots so that if I can't get service right away I still have something that should be of use to me in helping me get to where I need to be.


I landed in Tokyo at NRT international airport and the first mission was getting though customs. I had to read all of the signs Tokyo really feels like a foreign world it requires much patients and reading all the signs to make things work. On my second trip to Tokyo I gathered a lot better information and would like to share the article i wrote on Navigating Tokyo. getting through customs is two fold the first where they take you shore pass that you get on the plane and are required to fill out and provide this will get you a stamp. the next you go to bottom floor where baggage claim is and if you have bags get them if not just follow the people you have to state why you are in Japan when you are leaving for a second time and than you walk through the only doors In front of you and you are in a third section of the airport and this is where you find transportation weather it be train bus or taxi or family friend picking you up I was going to be taking the train to Shinjuku so i had to use google maps for finding how to get there on the subway you really must use google maps it loads the subway route you also need physical subway map.


I had to take two transfers it wasn't difficult to do you have to listen to the announcements on the subway and you have to read all of the signs. From NRT to Shinjuku the first transfer was at the Nippori station from the Nippori station I had to transfer to get to the Shinjuku station. When I arrived at the Nippori station I didn't get lost here but I got stuck. Nippori is also where I had my first coffee in Japan and It was very good.


 1stcoffee  1stcafe

So I quickly learned that Starbucks is one of the only places in Tokyo that has vanilla syrup. I ended up ordering a caramel latte and was happy it had a good amount of foam and was the right temperature. When I left this café I followed the signs to get to the subway line that would eventually land me at the Shinjuku station.

 shinjuku  shinjuku2

I walked to the AirBnb that will be my home for the trip and went to sleep.


I slept for a few hours and found myself awake at 4-5am I went for a walk to Shibuya crossing


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I got there roughly about 6-7 am the Starbucks at Shibuya was open I wasn't in the mood for Starbucks I was a bit tired from the walk and I just wanted to hang out and people watch for a bit as this was one of the first spots I visited on my Journey. So I bought a coffee anyways and satdown. The famous Shibuya cross walk was not very busy at this time of morning as Tokyo is just starting to wake up. So I hung out here for a bit from Shibuya I made my way to Suginami to see Spoon Sports a famous shop that specializes in Hondas.


Suginami was also the first part of Tokyo I had a meal first on my way to spoon sports I found a spot that Had grape sorbet and coca cola I didn't at the time but soon found that this was a treat and a rare find in Tokyo. The lady that worked here at the time I came was super nice to me I found this level of service throughout Tokyo it was and is very nice to experience such service. The lady and I were unable to speak I asked if she had a English menu which she probably in reality only understood the word menu but based on my nationality she got what I wanted and she pretend like she was looking for a menu in my mind to let me know she doesn't have a English menu however this didn't stop me I took a picture of the grape sorbet and pulled up a picture of he coca cola logo I showed her the picture she pointed to the various cup sizes and the she held up the scoop and did one or two with her hand and I responded with one figure indicating one scoop. She rung me up and pointed to the display on the screen so I would know how much to pay her and I paid she gave me my change

 grape outside 

and I continued on to Spoon Sports which happened to be closed on this particular day I did read on google that it was mountain day a Japanese Holiday and I figured that might have something to do with Spoon Sports being closed. I took a few pictures and continued on I saw a mechanic shop with a girl in a very fancy outfit for a mechanic shop and I stop took a picture



girl mechanic

bento the first meal I had in Tokyo!

and noticed there happened to be a restaurant behind me they had pictures outside as did a lot of places in Japan I feel this is to make it easier for foreign customers at this point in the journey I stated to catch onto the fact that there were few to non that speak English and I was a bit sad about this but honestly not super sad it did hurt my confidence for a short period of time and made me not want to go places cause of the language barrier but I over came this later on.  I started to just not even attempt to talk and this spot was were I just stopped talking for a long time I didn't speak or say anything to anyone almost 6 days in japan and I didn't speak more than an estimated 10min. Well I showed the lady a picture of the meal I want she point to the price I pay I understand what she is saying mostly I get the premise and go stand and wait for the food. 

I decided to  make my way to Godzilla in Shinjuku you can see him over the subway line from just the right angle it looks like Godzilla is attacking the Subway its cool.


I also would pass by the Metropolitan Government building where they have a free observation deck.


The spot I found on AirBnB was located near the two many subwaystations that would get you anywhere in Tokyo literally., Obviously you would have to transfer but that wasn't really a issue the subway ran from 5:30am up till midnight and the cars came past like every 5 min was very nice not much of a wait. I eventually found out how to get a Pasmo card which allow you to add money to it and you don't need to buy subway ticket anymore or daily tickets you just make sure your pasmo card has money on it. It wasn't until about the 4th day I figured out how to get the pasmo card. Now I know how to get one and when I go back with mom I'll be able to get her a pasmo card instantly and will be set to see the city. Thursday was my first full day in Tokyo and I passed out earl this day like 8pm or so maybe even a bit earlier than 8pm. I woke up very early Friday morning. I had plans to go to club ageHa to see DJ Soda and DJ Kaori I was a bit nervous about this as I haven't really gone to a club by myself and I haven't really much experience with Tokyo I knew I could do it I was just a bit nervous I kept trying to go back and forth in my mind but I did end up going.


Well I wake up Friday very early like Thursday and I already went to Shibuya Crossing and now I wanted to see something different and I decided I would walk to the Tokyo tower it was about a 6mi walk and the things I got to see wow I mean I've already said it but Tokyo is so diverse I walked through many neighborhoods and parts of Tokyo on my way to the "Tokyo Tower" I even walked through a part that reminded me of Vegas I really enjoyed the diversity of Japan and how clean and quiet it is and the different way the people dress in the different parts and everything. I wanted to take in as much as I could.  When I left the Tokyo Tower I decided to see the Tokyo Statue of Liberty squishy put it on my list of places to seeand well the subways had just opened so I decided lets do it and I had take two subway from the Tokyo tower to get to the Statue of Liberty there versio is much smaller than the one in NYC and I have come to realize not many are aware it exist. After seeing Lady Liberty of Tokyo 




I went straight home took a nap. A very short ap got u and started to walk to Minato Tokyo where there was a nice café but that wasn't my reason to walk there I walked there to go to this chopstick specialty store called "Nihonbo" I saw on some ones website that they have 1,000's of chopsticks to choose from this got me very excited when I got here they had a nice selection but wasn't 1,000's of options still I had to buy chopsticks from Tokyo for my mom. My mom was born in Tokyo she left Tokyo about age 4-5 She has never been back to Tokyo her mom bought her a pair of chopsticks to remember Tokyo where she was born and she gave them to me cause I have loved Tokyo forever and I have wanted to go to Tokyo for about 15-18 years now well my grandmother my moms mom has passed I felt was time to get mom a new pair of Chopsticks to remember dreams come true and remember Tokyo with.


Nihonbo is located at 5 Chome-3-13 Hirbo, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan . Put that in google maps as I have discussed apple maps kinda sucks in Tokyo.Although this trip was kind of thrown together last minute, I feel it was a total success. I got to see so much , and got to experience Tokyo as a local. I walked through the streets, people watched, explored, and felt almost (very much ) at home. I loved every minute of it.