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 Songbird Coffee and Tea  - Yelp

812 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

What I like Here: Vanilla Latte or Ice Thai Tea 

 Songbird Coffee and Tea is a locally owned cafe in Downtown Phoenix.

I also consider Songbird Coffee and Tea my home away from home. Whenever I'm not out on my travels I'm usually here writing about them.

I have been to so many cafes and most days I drink about 2 lattes even when I travel I am very consistent about my coffee consumption. with all the places I have ventured off to I can say this is amongst the most consistent coffee I've ever had its 98% made right as far as syrup temp the coffee being used this is the spot to come if you are in Arizona. 


 About the Owner Erin:


Our fearless, albeit slightly scatter brained leader, Erin is the brains behind Songbird's concept. A jack of all trades, you'd find her in the yard planting or fixing something with her favorite drill just as easily as you would find her in the kitchen or greeting customers with her famous megawatt smile and infectious laugh. In her limited spare time ("what spare time?!" she says) she loves a good hike followed by a good beer with friends. 

Taken from the official site.

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