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  Devils Bridge - Sedona, Arizona 

You can hike in or link up with a tour. I see these groups heading up to Devil Bridge but I have no further information on the tour. However, it is a very nice hike you will not regret making the trip!




Devil's Bridge - Sedona. A quick google search will show little to no information on this beautiful site. But don't worry I am here to tell you its worth seeing. While I do not know any of the history behind this site I can tell you its about a 2hr hike round trip longer depending on the speed you hike and how long you spend at the actual site. From Phoenix it is about a 2hr 20min Drive.

Devil's Bridge is free you will need to park in the parking lot please do not try driving closer to the site unless you have some experience with off road terian as this will tear up a car. Consider bringing water.There are some step parts but the incline is mostly gradual. This hike has a higher elevation than some may be used to that can cause a winded feeling shortness of breath take breaks if you need to.  As you are hiking this trail you will come to a fork GO TO THE RIGHT to get to the Upper part of Devil's Bridge. GOTO THE RIGHT!


most of the hike will have a gradual if not mostly flat incline. like the above picture.

Keep in mind there will be parts with a steeper incline.


There is typically a decent amount of people on the trail so follow some people if you are not sure where you are going!

there will also be sand rails here is a short video of a few of the sand rails you can also get a look at the trail.

There will be a fork in the trailhead TO THE RIGHT to see Devil's Bridge.

I will typically take advantage of this drive and go to one of my favorite pizzerias. 

Both located in Cottonwood, Arizona. 

The first one - Pizzeria Bocce

The second - Anvil Pizzeria

Both are wonderful choices. They have different atmospheres and different hours of opperation these would be the deciding factors for me personally.