Washington D.C. Cherry Blossoms.



I went to Washington D.C. during peak bloom I was there April 1st - 4th. I saw lots of Cherry Blossoms all over D.C. not just around the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial. The area surrounding the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorials had the densest amount of Cherry Blossom trees there were lots of other areas in D.C. that had Cherry Blossom Trees. The weather was a little on the cold side but nice when the sun was out. I wore a jacket the whole time even when the sun was out. I stayed at "Stay Alfred Varsity on K" we got a Smart Trip card for the metro and rode the subway and walked everywhere. The Smart Trip Card will also work on the bus however we didn't end up using the bus. You load money onto the card and than swipe it to enter and exit the subway. On day one we started near the Lincoln Memorial and worked our way towards the Capitol Building we walked down to the Jefferson Memorial the Tidal Basin had lunch. Saw lots of Cherry Blossoms. We used the subway to get to the Alfred but we took a Lyft to the airport out of convenience. 


Me and the Cherry Blossoms Trees.


This is not a Cherry Tree but it looked cool.

I used this site to help me get a idea for when peak bloom would be.

Peak Bloom Information

I got my duffle bag from Lululemon and I got my backpack from GoRuck I also have TSA pre check which helps me get through the airport