Places I went while in the D.C. Area


2 Amys Neapolitan Pizzeria

3715 Macomb St NW
Washington, DC 20016

b/t N 38th St & N Wisconsin Ave

What I enjoyed here: 

The venue it is pleasantly located in beautiful neighborhood with a nice view of the street and people walking around. I also very much enjoyed "The Margherita" pizza! I enjoyed this spot so much I came back a second time. I did notice the first visit they didn't cut the pizza I was confused was this a mistake but upon my second visit no its not a mistake but they do supply a knife so just don't feel like they messed up. They are friendly and the service is good everyone is in such a good mood makes the dinning experience enjoyable. I came in from out of town I had some complications and for me I felt like I looked like a bum they treated me like everyone I expect and appreciate this. Please enjoy this restaurant if you are in the area.

What I ordered: The Margherita Pizza and a Sprite exact cost 17$ no more no less 17$ I pay with a 20 call it good.

Bread Furst Bakery

4434 Connecticut Ave
Washington, DC 20008

b/t N Yuma St & N Albemarle St 
Van Ness/Forest Hills

What I enjoyed here:

"Vanilla Latte"  It only comes in one size again I'm from out of town I didn't understand this... lol the fun of being from out of town. Well the lady at the espresso bar was like i'm a give you the bigger cup! So win! People seem to like me so Hey just be friendly maybe you'll get the larger size for your latte as well!. Other things I really enjoy is the location its located near the Van Ness station and has a nicely shaded patio for comfort makes sitting outside enjoying a latte and updating your site enjoyable! I highly recomend this place. Hey there is a starbucks directly across from Van Ness station the line there is insane in the morning so ya i'd avoid that starbucks at least in the mornings. remember pictures coming.