The only guide on navigating Washington D.C. you will need.


The first thing is knowing how to pay the fare. I have personally rode the D.C. Subway and like other subways I have noticed the implementation system used where you pay at a kiosk for the distance you plan to travel than you receive a ticket and you go through the gates to the platforms. Find the subway train you need and arrive at point B the destination at which time you will reinsert your ticket into the gate upon exiting. The implementation of a SmartTrip pass allows you to load money to the card and touch it to the gate upon entering and exiting the subway

D.C. SmartTrip Card Use this link for the Offical SmarTrip site. If you have your travel itinerary far enough in advance you can easily order a SmartTrip Card online if you have any concerns about getting one upon arrival.

It is pretty straight forward to obtain this SmartTrip Card. I choose to wait until arriving in D.C. to obtain a SmartTrip Card

Here is the bus Schedule: 


   Below is what you will look for this is where you will board the bus.



If you land at IAD you will need to take 5a which is a city bus that will take you to the subway station. the fair is approx 7.50 no change so please come prepared for this. I had nothing lower than a $20 ended up having wait for the next bus and as it was Sunday this took awhile.


So I get off the bus near the red line and I rode the Red line 5 stops to my destination A lot of the subway not all have both directions and I will discuss with you how to determine which direction to take. 

IMG 2080IMG 2093

The DC subway isn't  as busy and is orginized better than others  There are a few options when purchasing a SmartTrip card you can buy the card for $2 or you can buy multi day pases depending on how much time you are going to be in D.C. this multiday travel pass could come in handy I went with just the card and loaded money to it.



After you have the  card to need to  reload it?  "touch the card to the kiosk and then  follow the on screen directons, you will have to touch the card to the machine again a second time to complete the purchase! Don't forget to grab a pocket guide. 



Look for signs like this and similar and it will be of great help to determine the train you need to get on.


IMG 2102

These digital displays in the subways will deffinately let you know if you are heading the wrong direction.


Using the google map app I type in IAD for Dulles International Airport than I type in my Destionation I click on the subway Icon and wait for it to load possible routes for me to take once the routes are loaded and I have reviewed which is best for me I choose one and procced on my way Safe Travels, lets make this work! 

To Determine the direction you need to go we will need the pocket guide we grabbed earlier. after google says what line we need to take we need to look at the pocket guide and see what the last stop of that line is. The last stop of the line is what you will look for on the signs on the metro platforms. 

  In Washington D.C. there is an abundance of trash cans so there really is no excuse, throw your trash away, please and thank you! June it is very Humid like a wet sauna this is something to take into consideration. Starbucks will be your best option for using a restroom while out exploring the city as most Starbucks have restrooms there all over and easy to get to the restroom in most situations. I didn't see restrooms in the metro or many other places. The Metro runs on a very consistent schedule and runs till about 11pm most nights. when you type the directions into the google map app there is a way to see the time of the last leaving train from that giving platfrom.

Other modes of transportaion available in the D.C. area would be 

I left from Ronald Regan International Here are some closing pictures.

This is the stop for the Ronald Regal International Airport!

IMG 2632

IMG 2647

The airport it self has really useful lcd maps!





-Rental Car

If you rent a car please keep in mind you will need to park it at some point maybe at many some points and this can become an huge inconvience depending upon the city its layout and available parking. So you may want to use the metro especially if you are a more experienced traveler.

 Be Safe and have fun in the D.C. Area.