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 Cities I have traveled to that have subway systems tend to have a metro card that can typically be reloaded and speeds up using the subway. Some cities I have traveled to the metro card will also work at other places throughout the city howerver this is not the case with Vancouver.

    From the initial research, I have done it looks like Vancouver is using Compass Pass. The Compass pass can be reloaded you can also buy passes and store them on the metro card. An example you can buy a day pass and load it to the card in addition to the stored value that you loaded to the card. The Vancouver site explains this fairly well. I will be buying the compass pass I enjoy the convenience of the pass and they are great to take home as a souviner.

 IMG 8305

Upon arriving at the airport you will have to look for the signs that take you to the skytrain. you will have to exit the airport to access it.


From where I was in the airport this is what it looks like when I exited the airport now I will walk straight to the building in front of me 

to the right and take the stairs up.


Once inside I will purchase a compass pass but that was my prefrence. 


to reload the pass watch this video please!

please take a pictue of the map as I was unable to find a physical one to take around. You may have better luck if you do get one for me!

lastly get on the skytrain and be safe!



vancouver fare

Official Vancouver Metro Site


Google Map YVR to Granville

I will need to get from the YVR airport to Granville

Here is how I am planning to get there



Google maps is a great resource for getting around it can provide directions in many formats like walking, metro, car.