in Chicago

Chicago - When you first arrive to most getting downtown is next.

 When I arrived in Chicago that was among my top priorities. You will have various options to get downtown however the subway is so efficient I take it every time I go to Chicago!


If you want to go the route of the subway here is a great article by free tours by foot

What you will do is take the blue line to downtown depending your destination will determine your end stop. You can easily access the blue line from the airport terminals. It is roughly 45min to a hr to get to most destinations downtown.

The first thing you will want to do is look for the signs that will lead you to the blue line.


Try to use these pictures as a visual guide. Follow the blue line!


Here is a picture of my mom on the blue line as we make our way Downtown!



Upon arriving downtown you might notice how aesthetic Chicago is in general. This is one of the things I enjoy a lot about Chicago. 

Chicago is a very fun city with great food and coffee two very important things to me.


The pizza is from Giordanos Chicago the Latte is from Hero Cafe.

 Chicago is a city you can easily walk around there isn't much need for a car unless you need or plan to venture outside of the downtown area.