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First I had to fly to Los Angles to Fly out to Taipei.


This will be my second time planning a trip that includes a layover in Taipei. How exciting returning to Taipei I was very impressed my first time.

 This trip I will be bringing my mom and I am very excited to be able to show her I actually do know what I'm doing and I can navigate these cites and we will be okay. I planned to do similar to my first trip with this same layover, go to Taipei 101. From there we ended up at this club called "Club Wave Taipei". Then we walked around for a bit before heading back to the airport and hung out till or connecting flight took us to Singapore where we stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.


*Leave Friday the 20th at 11:50pm. Arrive in Singapore 3 pm on the 22nd.

*11hr layover in Taipei.


*5hr layover in Taipei



. Organization is key. I made an email folder and I put all the trip related emails to this folder to help keep it all together.


Visa information:

Taipei you will not need to get a visa prior to entry for tourism for up to 90 days.

Singapore you will not need to get a visa prior to entry for business or tourism for short stays read more about it.

Hotel Information:

Marina Bay Sands Hotel



While we were in Taipei we stopped and saw Taipei 101 and then we went to this club called "The Wave"


read about my first trip to Taipei and Seoul 

In short you will take the 1960 east to Taipei 101 if you arrive late in the night you will have to taxi back to the airport this is about 30-40 usd.




The Wave Club FB

Top clubs Taipei


after the club we walked around for a little while.

Saw a movie theater and I took the opportunity to take pictures of the movie posters.



found some of my favorite candy!



Here is the Singapore mrt map. The card on the top is the Singapore MRT Card the one on the bottom is the Taipei MRT Card. I still have yet to get a Taipei MRT Map but I have made progress and got the card! One thing that I really enjoy is the MRT in various cities I feel like it gives great insight to how the people and city are. Here is a picture of me against the Singapore MRT Map!

singapore mrt

 like in Japan in Taiwan you can use the easy card at many places including vending machines.


While in Taipei I took the opportunity to stock up on dust mask!

they come in a 10 pack and are of very high quality I am very satisfied. 


My mom and I got to stay at "Marina Bay Sands Hotel" it is a very impressive Hotel it has everything you could possibly want and more ontop of that. From shopping to food entertainment there is even a Casino so there is a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. This was one of the most impressive Hotels I have had the pleasure to stay at.



On the way into Singapore, I had these amazing views. from the plane **bellow**


Here is the view from the pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. **bellow**


Here is the Gardens by the Bay during the Day/Night.


 There is more to see then the gardens by the bay.


we also stumbled upon this attraction called cloud in the sky its a man made waterfall that is absolutely beautiful. 

cloud in sky

One of the last things I did in Singapore was going back to the pool at Marina Bay Sands I really wanted to get a better night picture than I did but the water was a bit cold I think my hands were shaking a tad bit. I can see the picture isn't as clear as I'd like it to be. but you get the ideal Singapore at night is beautiful.


 On the way home we had a 5hr layover in Taipei it was relaxing to get to walk around for a bit before the final long stretch home.

The flight home wrecked me I sleep for 2days when I got home. Something to note in the close is that the people of Singapore come across very motivated I saw lots of people up early jogging in the morning. I saw lots of people that appeared to be well off financially and its a motivating atmosphere. After returning home and catching up on sleep I finally finished this Article! I hope I have inspired at least one person to go to Singapore!