Vancouver for a weekend!
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Vancouver for a weekend? Here are some tips!

Want to get a good picture of Vancouver? I took the above picture from the bridge that connects to Granville Island.

Let me know where you found good spots to take pictures. 

Need to use the Skytrain? don't worry I got a guide for that.

Vancouver Skytrain Guide

 I went to Vancouver in September, all information provided will be biased to September.

Here is some insight into the weather for September

  To picture this if you are not familiar with coastal areas allow me to try and describe this. Vancouver's climate imagine sitting in a cafe it's not hot it's not cold now your outside with fresh air a slight breeze beautiful clouds in the sky the constant circulation of air helps your body maintain a nice temperature you might enjoy a light jacket.


 Something to consider sunscreen or an umbrella if you are concerned with getting sunburned there are times of the day where the sun will pierce through the clouds long enough to burn you.

Want a couple Videos of Vancouver? I got those as well!

More Videos...


Arriving in Vancouver I immediately noticed the large Japanese and French Influence I appreciated this a lot I looked at it as an opportunity to practice foreign language! 

あなたは日本語を話せますか  Anata wa nihongo o hanasemasu ka (Do you speak Japanese?)


You made it to Vancouver. It was a long journey you must be hungry, Pizza? Ya food is one of the first things on my mind too. Here is where I went!


Italian Kitchen Vancouverbread02

click image


Nicli Pizzeria Vancouvernicli03

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 The public market located on Granville Island was very fun to walk around there was a lot of fresh fruit and fresh food from Asian to American to Italian a bit of everything 

I enjoyed walking around from store to store seeing what there was to see.

Cafe Crepe


click 4 location

Granville Public Market 


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Another thing I noticed in Vancouver is Starbucks is amazing. I have traveled a lot of places. I have had Starbucks in various countries Vancouver is the only place I have seen this. No lid No Sleeve! It made me so happy and this wasn't an anomaly this was every Starbucks and it was something that made me smile!

 star  rainbowcrosswalk

The Rainbow Crosswalk was very fun to see here is where it is located.

Rainbow Crosswalk Location

Weed in Vancouver

head over to the article on the laws and my review of the Vancouver weed scene

In short yes you can buy weed and legally.


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The specific tools and steps I used to put this together.

Kayak search for airfare 

Airbnb search for room

AirCanada mobile app 

To close with a few images.

IMG 8213