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How to Get From Narita to Tokyo

Narita Airport to Tokyo

Narita Express

Shibuya, Tokyo my final destination! I had such an amazing time in Tokyo and a lot of it came from my confidence in navigating the Subway. After Reading this guide hopefully you too will feel more confident to use the Subway.


When you get off the plane In Narita, Japan. After making it through customs start to look for the sign that says train. This will be our fist indicator of where to go.For many our first destination will be Nippori. You can go local subway or you can get a ticket for the skyliner which only has one stop Nippori where as the local subway has many stops. Keisei Skyliner Ticket Information

We have a ticket and a Subway Map. There is English on the other side! Also we will rely mostly on GoogleMaps to navigate the Subway but Get a map incase you loose internet also for you to take home.


Here is the Skyliner Platform this will take you to Nippori where you will transfer to your next destination wether that be Shinjuku or Shibuya or Ginza ect.

Hey! Keep that Skyliner ticket you will need to put it in the machine to exit the JR lines and get a local Line to your final destination.


When you arrive at the Nippori station if you haven't already get a Pasmo Card!

I have read on the internet there seems to be some discussion over wether a Pasmo card will work on the JR lines. I can tell you from first hand experience that the Pasmo card will be accepted on JR Lines at least in the Metropolitan area of Tokyo I can tell you this for sure as I have rode the JR lines personally with a Pasmo card. I wrote a write up on Navigating Washington D.C. where I discuss there version of Pasmo Called SmartTrip except in The parts of Asia that I have explored These cards are excepted on more than Just the Metro most stores will take a Pasmo or Suica Card

Pasmo has a 500yen deposit and you can load money onto it initially in 1,000 yen increments after the initial setup you can again load it in 1,000 yen increments or 10yen

 Information on Pasmo from Tokyo Metro 

Here are a few google maps I used while In Tokyo

click the map image for more


Notice how sometimes it gives a platform number other times it tells you the last stop on that line so pay attention to both and read the signs in the subway

double check the google map and the subway in person to make sure you are heading the right direction. 


The above and below signs have the platforms and last stops and depending what information google maps gives 

pay attention to all details and be safe.



One of the more easy ways to return to Narita is Skyliner You will have to take a local subway or JR line in most situations back to Nippori. where you will get the skyliner which for a lot will be the most comfortable way to return to the airport it has only one stop Narita and it is very comfortable.
Shibuya to Narita Termina 2

If you are like me and do not speak Japanese Id like to offer some survival Japanese that I have personally used and these phrases and words have gotten me by on two trips to Japan.

Essential Japanese 

While you are in Japan you will most likely not understand much of what is said to you its okay just do your best and have fun!

Wifi will be essential to your survival in Japan so get this app 

Travel Japan Wi-Fi from your app store before you go to Japan so you hit the ground with wifi!

I do not know what carrier you have so I can't give deffinitive information but I have t-mobile and it does work in Japan. 


Another Tip I can offer is walk on the left! Not just on the stairs but Japan in general. As a westerner I can tell you I am used to walking on the right so even for me this took a little getting used to and even in Japan a lot will walk on the right but if you are feeling like doing how they do in Japan please walk on the left.


Up is Nobori    Down is Kudari

I'll close with a couple useful links.

Shibuya Crossing- world famous intersection

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